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Herobuilders News | Herobuilders Company Info | Herobuilders Links | Herobuilders Testimonials | Free Toys | Coupon Codes

FOR THE BEST WESTERN GEAR, great customer service and just really great Americans, you have to go to  JC Western Gear


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Great tooth brushes by Oral-B Pulsar ,,,, now men do not try and unscrew the toothbrush to see how to change the batteries.. ,,, You cant change the batteries,,, if you open the toothbrush it will not work again. Trust me that was the first thing I did and it will not work again. It is made to stop working in about 2 to 3 months and that means get a new toothbrush now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not in 5 years....

For the Best Furniture Polish Try Scotts Liquid Gold its all I use Click Here

Carolens Cross a must visit website , a company created for a man searching for his faith.


Need fire starters, Diamond Brands Strike a Fire are the best,,,, have a wood stove or fire place 5 star rating from

GET THE FLIP VIDEO CAMERA  5 STARS recommendation Emil Vicale

A car Show for Real Men BBC TV TOP GEAR 4 Stars

Archer Cartoon on FX 5 stars

Is American Express the next to Fail ? Judging by how they conduct business and how they interfere with their

customers it seems so. Herobuilders and its companies has stopped doing business with American Express. 2-10

AXIS SHAVERS are the absolute worst electric shavers I have ever had in my life, they look good but do not shave well at all

View The Video featured on SCIFI's "Who Wants to Be a SUPERHERO" Sept. 6th, 2007

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Evil Mad Scientist Fun website for Kids and adults alike interested in fun home made projects, Fun Blog,

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The best Pigs a Blanket are made by Cohens I know they can be bought at Stop and Shop. We have all had that sticking problem when cooking pigs in a blanket for some reason they always stick to the baking tray ,,, I know use spam or something ,,, well with Cohens that is not Necessary.

NIPTUCK (5 stars) Nothing else has to be said

Entourage Great must see HBO Show (3 Stars)

Californication-Best original Series on Showtime Mondays 10:30 PM ET (4stars)

Black Star Ops Covert Tactical Gear | Tactical Products | Tactical Shirts 5-4-07

The best tactical gear and Covert tactical clothing ever made.

BBC Design Group Product Design and Product Development

The best product design, industrial design, product development and prototyping. 5-4-07

The best popcorn is Jolly Time "Blast O Butter"

Of course this is something only men can relate to,,, this is a perfect popcorn because, NOW LISTEN you will NOT need to add butter or salt, but you can.

JUST PARENTS Great Family Website , you should check this out


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Giant Magazine

If you are a Man like me well then you have to be a GIANT

Fun and unique spin on all good news stuff. A nice young man destined for a great future.

Good blog fun stories.

Great site for tons of action figure info.

Knowledgeable action figure dudes and really nice guys too.

The useless giant phone company has now 

become a great company with great customer service

Under Water Puzzle Really Cool Children's TOY not only fun but educational: 

The Movie V 4-1-06 I give this move 5 starts it is a great FANTASY ACTION HERO MOVIE that should be seen

Ok you have heard some press people saying this is similar to 9:11 or it is making a Terrorist a hero ,,,and blah blah blah,,,, NOT TRUE

This is a great MOVIE ,,, about an Hero viewed as an Anti Hero by some. The real deal is the future Government used terror tactics against its own people in order to take over the country and V liberates it using similar but less destructive tactics then the people who took over the government.


Dedicated people exposing perverts and pedophiles on the net. These people are doing what law enforcement should be doing. They are brave and have great character for true justice. They need your donations please do what you can to help their cause which is the noblest of causes. | Worldwide Shipping | Custom Action Figures |  | 203-888-0147 | 24 hour Service e-mail