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Product Design, Prototypes and Rapid Prototypes, 15 years experience and 10,000's of projects completed Herobuilders is the company that can develop your product from initial concept to prototypes to market ready prototypes and on to full production.


If you already know about Rapid Prototyping or are ready to go with your project just click here to e-mail your info or your file


  •  Rapid Prototyping (RP) Simply put RP is creating a physical model of your product, toy or mechanical devise in a short timeline for a very reasonable cost. Prior to 1990 prototyping was laborious and typically made by master craftsmen skilled in working with whatever material your prototype was to be constructed in, oh and lets not forget prototypes were also very very expensive. As industrial designers like myself made the transition to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and presenting their designs using organic shapes it was clearly getting more complex to work with these older master craftsmen. Fortunately In the early 1990 RP technology made its mark in rapid manufacturing. Rapid Prototyping was is the most remarkable leap in manufacturing since the beginning of any form of fabrication. (TO VIEW SAMPLES CLICK HERE)


  • SLA (Stereolithography) The SLA process uses a vat of Ultra-Violet (UV) curable epoxy resin. When a 3D files of product or toy is sent to this machine a UV laser draws the shape of the product on the surface of the resin solidifying only the part being drawn. When the product is complete the platform rises and any supports are removed. The product then must be placed in a light box kind of like a tanning bed to be completely cured. This process is great for all sorts of products from toys to automotive and anywhere in between but the material is somewhat brittle and if you need a durable product Silicone Rubber Mold would be made and a Urethane material is cast into the mold for the final product. This process is typically used for a one off sample of the 3D file or a model to check for assembly details it is also good as a market ready prototype.

  • 3DP (3 Dimensional Printing) The 3DP process uses a heated plastic/wax material that is pumped out of print head much like ink jet printers. There are two print heads on the machine pictured below, one for build material and one for support material. Once the part(s) are completed they are removed from the machine and submerged into a vat of solvent and the support material is dissolved away. In the golf club picture the red is support material and the green is the build material the final part as you can see is a metal golf club. This machine is great for small highly detailed parts like the rings you see below. Herobuilders.com uses this equipment for products like: Military components, custom golf club heads, highly detailed objects of any type, figures, figurines, small doll heads, jewelry, and any small detailed toy. This process is typically used for highly detailed parts.

  • SRT ( Silicon Rubber Tooling) The SRT process is used when you need Low quantity (up to 1500 units) multiple copies of either the SLA master or the 3DP master. We take the SLA or 3DP master post finish to a fine surface finish and then make a SRT. The SRT is then cut in 2 and the master pattern is removed leaving a void where the master pattern once was. We are then able to use that SRT and cast a multitude of different types of Urethanes into it in order to fabricate multiple copies in the color you want and with the characteristics that you want.

  • VCU (Vacuum Casting Urethane)  (RTV-Room Temperature Vulcanization) or commonly know as Urethane Casting  are created by first making a master pattern either from an SLA or the more accurate Sanders wax pattern. A Silicon rubber mold is made around that pattern then the master is removed leaving the negative of the part. We then inject a two-part epoxy to your specifications into that mold and are able to make multiple duplicates of the master pattern.

Building your 3D creations...Now that you have spent hours and hours on that great looking 3D object have you ever wondered if you could actually hold it? We will take your file and build your 3D object or figure.  We can accept files from the

3D Graphic Design and Animation Software: animation Master, Amorphium, Poser 4.x, Raydream Studio, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Soft Image and really any 3D software.

CAD Solid Modeling Software: Any CAD package including Solidworks, ProEngineer, RhinoCAD, Unigraphics, Catia, PDGS, AutoCAD

File Translator Formats: IGES, DXF, SAT, PRT, STEP, STL, and others

To have your 3D creation built just click here for a quote!  A note about resolutions and 3D printing, usually the 3D world wants to keep the number of triangles that represent a part to a minimum to help keep computing time down.  In the 3D printing world the exact opposite is true!  We want as many as we can to fully describe the part or object being built.  To parts we print will only look as good as the triangulated file that you send us!  Don't expect the rendered version!  I would recommend that you load your triangulated file in to a viewer that will show you just how the part looks un-rendered.

* We read these formats using a file translator

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